Gum grafting for treatment of gum recession can be achieved by various methods, one is by soft tissue taken from the palate (autograft), another by Alloderm.

In dentistry, Alloderm is used for soft tissue grafting and gum recession coverage. Alloderm is a special material that is made from tissue donated by people and treated appropriately to remove the organic cells, while maintaining the structural and biochemical properties.Alloderm can be used to enhance the thickness and contour of the gums, correct gum recession, and improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

Alloderm can be used to correct various sizes of soft tissue defects, while autografts are limited by the size of the donor site. Once placed appropriately, the body begins its natural healing process to promote new tissue growth and integration. The Alloderm becomes a scaffolding, promoting regeneration of healthy gum tissue.

The advantages of Alloderm include reduced patient discomfort, minimized surgical time, and avoidance of additional donor site surgery. It is important to note that while there are various benefits to using Alloderm, the use of Alloderm may not be suitable for every patient case, considering each patient’s individual case. Please consult with Dr. Nagatomo to evaluate your situation and provide personalized recommendations.